Tezos is growing, and our bot is growing with it. Therefore, we have prepared a big update that the community has been waiting for!

So, check out the update of our https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot!

Tokens, tokens, tokens

Yes, we have added support of Tezos tokens to our bot. This is v1 of this functionality.

You will now be notified of token transactions and can see balances in the address information!

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TezosNotifier Telegram bot: https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot

As we wrote earlier, we have not disappeared anywhere. It’s just that we did a really great job — a huge number of improvements to our bot that need to be released in one big release. In this article we will tell you what has changed.

The Team

Firstly, our team was replenished with a new member — Emerido will help us with the improvements of our bot. We are very happy about this, as the experience of Emerido has already helped us a lot. This will allow us to develop faster in the future.

Thus, the team…

Hello Tezos community!

Many of you have noticed that we haven’t released new updates for a long time. The reason is simple — we are migrating the bot to a new infrastructure and are doing a lot of code optimization work. In short, we clean up all the sh*t that we have done in a couple of years of the bot’s existence.

We have big plans for 2021. We want users to enjoy working with our bot, we want to make many new features, and for this we first need to prepare the base.

So that you don’t miss the…

Today Tezos Notifier bot is 2 years old. And he’s already mature enough for his age :)

We had great 2019. Now Tezos Notifier Team presents a big report for 2019–2020. In this article, you will learn how our bot is developing, and you can also look at many graphs, which makes this article look more presentable and serious :D

First of all, we want to provide links to all our resources:

Features developed

Over the past year, we have developed a huge number of new features…

Great update of https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot:
— Twitter bot https://twitter.com/NotifierTezos has been developed! Now you can follow the main events on the Tezos blockchain using Twitter.
— added a new button Donate in the Settings menu. Now it’s even easier to find our donation address.

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— Telegram Bot: https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot

— Twitter Bot: https://twitter.com/NotifierTezos

— Twitter Announcements: https://twitter.com/TezosNotifier

— Medium: https://medium.com/@tezosnotifier

— Github: https://github.com/tnb-dev/TezosNotifierBot

— Web: https://tzsnt.fr

New update of our https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot: notification of 🌚 closed delegates and their delegators!

We, the TezosNotifierBot team, know that the problem with closed delegates and their delegators is causing serious damage to the Tezos ecosystem. Therefore we’ve developed great feature that enables us to send notifications to delegate’s subscribes and their delegators for healthy #Tezos network growth.

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A very simplified diagram of our RAM caching mechanism. Of course, in reality, it works much more complicated. With this functionality our users help each other quickly get a list of addresses and speed up the bot https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot

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Don’t you forget about our public addresses registry Search? With https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot you can easily find any public address with four easy steps:

  1. Click New Address batton in the Bot menu
  2. Press Search button in appeared message
  3. Type address name
  4. Select required address from the list
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TezosNotifierBot’s Search

Donate XTZ to support us: tz1g5jJc6MWdmmUXdp5eb1KTj8TTU5U74cry

And so fast we are releasing yet another bot update https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot, which we made at the request of our community! 💚

In short, now you can set the delegation amount threshold in the new revised menu settings of delegate address!

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More about the update:
— The message with address information has been revised.
— an address card has been developed with detailed information about the address settings and the possibility of convenient and quick management
— added ability to set delegation amount threshold
— added ability to rename address

Donate XTZ to support us: tz1g5jJc6MWdmmUXdp5eb1KTj8TTU5U74cry

We just released a huge update of our bot https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot! What’s new: — experimental feature we have developed a new data caching mechanism to speed up the sending of notifications. — double-endorsing notification added. Let’s hope no one sees it. — the calculation of delegate’s free space has been remastered — now we consider the free space ourselves and correctly. — the number of rolls is now displayed in the delegate’s info. — the text of the notification about baking with priority > 0 has been improved — now the amount of the additional award received by the delegate is…

Tezos Notifier Bot

Tezos Notifier Bot notifies users about transactions and other events in the Tezos blockchain. Links: https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot, http://tzsnt.fr/

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