So many new notifications in TezosNotifierBot

As you understand from the title of this post, we are announcing a bunch of new notifications in our bot :)

So, check out the latest update of our!

Delegators balance monitoring

This is a new type of notification available only in TezosNotifier! Delegates can now watch for “unauthorized” increases in their delegators’ balances!

As soon as the delegate increases its balance (if it is not a payout from the delegate and the transaction amount is less than % inflation), the delegate will receive a notification.

You can configure this notification in the addresses menu: you can enable / disable notifications or set a threshold for the amount of the transaction — use “Delegators balance” check-box or “Balance threshold” button.

Availability of the award to the delegator

As soon as the delegator’s reward has been delivered to the delegate, but has not yet been unfrozen, the delegator will be notified accordingly.

Remember that rewards are available for payment 5 cycles after the delegate receives it.

This notification is configured in the address list for each specific address.

Reward payouts notifications

Another cool notification for delegators is the payout notifications! Previously, we considered payments to be regular transactions and sent regular notifications, but now we will send special notifications!

The settings for this type of notification are also made in the address settings.

Missing seen nonce revelation

What is it? What for? Just another event that we did not cover earlier. We hope your bakers will be stable and you will never see this notification.


Well, as usual, there are many technical tasks to make working with the bot more comfortable. You can see all the changes on our Github:

We would like to thank the Tezos Foundation for supporting our team!

Tezos Notifier Bot notifies users about transactions and other events in the Tezos blockchain. Links:,