Tezos Blockchain cycle 678 stats


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General cycle stats

Cycle 678 is completed in 2 days, 21 hours, 30 minutes!

Next 679 cycle will end on December 5 at 04:28 UTC.

Transaction stats

In the 678 cycle were made 391,208 transactions.

Market data

Current XTZ price:

  • 0.8509 USD
  • 0.7827 EUR
  • 0.00002201 BTC
  • 0.0004057 ETH

Price change in the 678 cycle:

  • low 0.812 USD
  • high 0.8567 USD

Current Market Cap is 836,515,282 USD

Current Supply is 983,094,702 XTZ

Whale transactions

Not a single whale transaction was made.

So more then 0 mXTZ was transferred by whales!


Now it is proposal period in the Tezos blockchain. No proposals have been submitted.



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