Tezos Notifier — 2020 Annual Report

Features developed

Tezos Notifier Bot web-site
  • Improvements and fixes associated with the implementation of the Babylon update, as well as backward compatibility of the bot with the old protocol;
  • A new RAM-caching mechanism, which accelerated the sending of messages several times. Previously sending out notifications about the completion of the current cycle and the beginning of a new one took up to 20 minutes, and now it takes no more than 4 minutes;
  • Full rebuilding of the address menu, which made it more understandable and convenient;
  • Ability to enable / disable notifications about misses;
  • Ability to set the threshold for the amount of delegation transaction;
  • Automatic parsing of delegate names from external sources tzstats;
  • Partnerships with Galleon Wallet, Mininax Explorer, TzKt explorer;
  • Revised settings and address information — the ability to disable some annoying notifications, indicate the number of rolls, and so on;
  • Registry of public known addresses with the ability to search for addresses by name directly in the bot;
  • Network issue notifications — the bot constantly monitors the status of the private and five public nodes of the tezos blockchain and publishes a notification if there are delays in creating blocks;
  • Optimized and accelerated sending notifications and the formation of a list of addresses;
  • Changed default explorer to tezblock.io;
  • Integration with Cryptocompare to get the current XTZ rate;
  • The ability to add an address to monitoring the bot directly from the link on any site, as well as a form for creating a bot button that can be placed on the site;
  • The ability to change the explorer in the settings: tezblock.io, tzstats.com, tezos.id, Mininax Explorer, TzKt are available;
  • All functions have settings and the ability to customize by the user;
  • Revised calculation of free space for delegates;
  • Improvements to message texts and adding additional information to texts, so that they are more understandable to new users;
  • New types of notifications about double endorsement and its detection;
  • Many other minor improvements, optimizations and fixes.

Telegram bot stats

  • more than 2700 users started and tried to work with the bot, while more than 2000 users remained active;
  • more than 5300 addresses in monitoring total;
  • more than 2400 unique addresses in monitoring;
  • almost 500,000 messages per month are sent to users.

Telegram bot audience growth

Total & Active Users growth
Total & Unique Addresses growth
Prive & Volume growth

Number of messages sent

Messages per Month for last Year

Address subscriptions

  • more than 5300 addresses in monitoring total;
  • more than 2400 unique addresses in monitoring.
  • tz1NortRftucvAkD1J58L32EhSVrQEWJCEnB — Bake’n’Rolls (almost 100 subscribers)
  • tz1NEKxGEHsFufk87CVZcrqWu8o22qh46GK6 — Money Every 3 Days
  • tz1eEnQhbwf6trb8Q8mPb2RaPkNk2rN7BKi8 — Cryptium Labs
  • tz3adcvQaKXTCg12zbninqo3q8ptKKtDFTLv — Tezzigator
  • tz1LLNkQK4UQV6QcFShiXJ2vT2ELw449MzAA — TezosTeam
  • tz1MXFrtZoaXckE41bjUCSjAjAap3AFDSr3N — Everstake Legacy
  • tz1SiPXX4MYGNJNDsRc7n8hkvUqFzg8xqF9m — Binance
  • tz1W5VkdB5s7ENMESVBtwyt9kyvLqPcUczRT — Tezgate
  • tz1Lhf4J9Qxoe3DZ2nfe8FGDnvVj7oKjnMY6 — Tez Baker
  • tz1P2Po7YM526ughEsRbY4oR9zaUPDZjxFrb — P2P validator (almost 50 subscribers)

Users & location settings

  • english and others (except russian)~1800 active users
  • russian ~200 active users

Whale transactions

Whale Transactions Notifications per Month for last Year

Block explorers settings and popularity

Block explorers popularity, without tezblock.io

Voting notification settings

Your feedbacks

Twitter stats

Website stats

Web-site stats

Your donations

Our donation address & QR-code


Our plans

  • create another notification channels;
  • optimize and make the work of our bot faster;
  • develop our Twitter bot https://twitter.com/NotifierTezos;
  • …and develop many more new event notifications…


  • every member of the community who recommends our bot;
  • and separately delegates who recommend our bot to their delegators.




Tezos Notifier Bot notifies users about transactions and other events in the Tezos blockchain. Links: https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot, http://tzsnt.fr/

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Tezos Notifier Bot

Tezos Notifier Bot

Tezos Notifier Bot notifies users about transactions and other events in the Tezos blockchain. Links: https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot, http://tzsnt.fr/

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