Tezos Notifier — 2020 Annual Report

Today Tezos Notifier bot is 2 years old. And he’s already mature enough for his age :)

We had great 2019. Now Tezos Notifier Team presents a big report for 2019–2020. In this article, you will learn how our bot is developing, and you can also look at many graphs, which makes this article look more presentable and serious :D

First of all, we want to provide links to all our resources:

Features developed

Over the past year, we have developed a huge number of new features. Thanks to Tezos Foundation for their support. Here are the most basic ones:

Tezos Notifier Bot web-site

With the help of the bot, we try to help in the healthy growth of the Tezos ecosystem and to attract the attention of new users to the project and its features. This is what we are guided by when developing new features, and also we always take into account the wishes of our community.

In addition to the above, we have developed the following important features, many of which are very large and complex:

  • Improvements and fixes associated with the implementation of the Babylon update, as well as backward compatibility of the bot with the old protocol;
  • A new RAM-caching mechanism, which accelerated the sending of messages several times. Previously sending out notifications about the completion of the current cycle and the beginning of a new one took up to 20 minutes, and now it takes no more than 4 minutes;
  • Full rebuilding of the address menu, which made it more understandable and convenient;
  • Ability to enable / disable notifications about misses;
  • Ability to set the threshold for the amount of delegation transaction;
  • Automatic parsing of delegate names from external sources tzstats;
  • Partnerships with Galleon Wallet, Mininax Explorer, TzKt explorer;
  • Revised settings and address information — the ability to disable some annoying notifications, indicate the number of rolls, and so on;
  • Registry of public known addresses with the ability to search for addresses by name directly in the bot;
  • Network issue notifications — the bot constantly monitors the status of the private and five public nodes of the tezos blockchain and publishes a notification if there are delays in creating blocks;
  • Optimized and accelerated sending notifications and the formation of a list of addresses;
  • Changed default explorer to tezblock.io;
  • Integration with Cryptocompare to get the current XTZ rate;
  • The ability to add an address to monitoring the bot directly from the link on any site, as well as a form for creating a bot button that can be placed on the site;
  • The ability to change the explorer in the settings: tezblock.io, tzstats.com, tezos.id, Mininax Explorer, TzKt are available;
  • All functions have settings and the ability to customize by the user;
  • Revised calculation of free space for delegates;
  • Improvements to message texts and adding additional information to texts, so that they are more understandable to new users;
  • New types of notifications about double endorsement and its detection;
  • Many other minor improvements, optimizations and fixes.

And this is not a complete list of updates!

Telegram bot stats

Current statistics of https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot in short:

  • more than 2700 users started and tried to work with the bot, while more than 2000 users remained active;
  • more than 5300 addresses in monitoring total;
  • more than 2400 unique addresses in monitoring;
  • almost 500,000 messages per month are sent to users.

Telegram bot audience growth

We are always glad to share information about our bot in order to be more open and transparent for you.

This graph shows the growth of the audience over the last 2 years, divided by the total number of users and the number of active:

Total & Active Users growth

The green line indicates the approx. date of receiving of the grant from the Tezos Foundation. As you can see, the audience growth got better with the grant. Also now we see that many users come back and become active again.

Next, we want to show a graph with the number of addresses to which our users are subscribed, divided by the total number of addresses and the number of unique ones:

Total & Unique Addresses growth

The green line also indicates the approx. date of receiving of the grant from the Tezos Foundation.

We also demonstrate a graph of the price and trading volumes of Tezos for the same period:

Prive & Volume growth

We see that the growth of our audience is quite closely related to the increase in the price and trading volumes of Tezos and the attraction of new users. There is a correlation here.

Now we want to improve our bot in order to reduce user churn. If you have any ideas — send them to us using the Feedback button in our bot https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot.

Number of messages sent

Now we send to our users almost 500,000 messages per month! That’s more than 10 messages per minute!

Messages per Month for last Year

Address subscriptions

We indicated the number of subscriptions to addresses at the beginning of the article, namely:

  • more than 5300 addresses in monitoring total;
  • more than 2400 unique addresses in monitoring.

Based on written above, one user is subscribed to 2 or more addresses in average: as a rule, this is his own address and the address of his delegate.

The most popular addresses in descending order of the number of subscribers:

  • tz1NortRftucvAkD1J58L32EhSVrQEWJCEnB — Bake’n’Rolls (almost 100 subscribers)
  • tz1NEKxGEHsFufk87CVZcrqWu8o22qh46GK6 — Money Every 3 Days
  • tz1eEnQhbwf6trb8Q8mPb2RaPkNk2rN7BKi8 — Cryptium Labs
  • tz3adcvQaKXTCg12zbninqo3q8ptKKtDFTLv — Tezzigator
  • tz1LLNkQK4UQV6QcFShiXJ2vT2ELw449MzAA — TezosTeam
  • tz1MXFrtZoaXckE41bjUCSjAjAap3AFDSr3N — Everstake Legacy
  • tz1SiPXX4MYGNJNDsRc7n8hkvUqFzg8xqF9m — Binance
  • tz1W5VkdB5s7ENMESVBtwyt9kyvLqPcUczRT — Tezgate
  • tz1Lhf4J9Qxoe3DZ2nfe8FGDnvVj7oKjnMY6 — Tez Baker
  • tz1P2Po7YM526ughEsRbY4oR9zaUPDZjxFrb — P2P validator (almost 50 subscribers)

We always recommend using and sharing our bot, as we have a large user base and, if necessary, any delegate can contact their subscribers to convey important information to them, as, for example, our friends from Everstake did.

Also, a large number of subscribers speaks of the delegate’s commitment to transparency: this means that the team is not afraid of outside observers and is always ready to interact with their customers.

Users & location settings

We have two types of location settings in our bot:

  • english and others (except russian)~1800 active users
  • russian ~200 active users

Whale transactions

Whale transactions are monitored by ~1500 of our active users. As a rule, our users are interested in whale transactions in the amount of more than 500,000 XTZ (default threshold settings).

Here’s how many whale transactions notifications we sending out each month:

Whale Transactions Notifications per Month for last Year

This graph may indirectly indicate whale activity in Tezos Network.

Block explorers settings and popularity

~1600 of our active users are using default explorer — tezblock.io. At the same time, users are distributed among the rest of the explorers as follows:

Block explorers popularity, without tezblock.io

Almost all of the above explorer are our partners.

Voting notification settings

Voting is a very important feature of Tezos, which sets it apart from other blockchains.

More than 1900 of our active users has turned on voting notifications!

As you can see, users are interested in the voting process and we will further develop this feature to make the process more transparent and involve users in it.

Your feedbacks

Over the past year, we have received more than 200 feedbacks and this is very cool! Mostly we get words of praise, but we also periodically answer questions about Tezos … and of course, scammers write to us, and this is a sign of popularity :)

Twitter stats

Our Twitter bot https://twitter.com/NotifierTezos has been released less than a month ago and now we have more than 100 subscribers. We plan to further develop our Twitter bot, so you will see many new notifications soon :)

Our announcement twitter https://twitter.com/TezosNotifier has ~500 subscribers!

Website stats

Our website https://tzsnt.fr/ is not very popular: about 100 people visit it a month, but we don’t care:)

Just don’t forget that on our site you can generate a bell button that is placed on delegate sites: https://tzsnt.fr/button.

And here are a couple of screenshots with statistics for last 90 days:

Web-site stats

Your donations

Over the past year, we received over 260 XTZ donations! Thanks to all of you ❤ Now we can not only buy beer, but also an additional server for testing new features :)

We are very pleased with any support from our usersand believe that these 260 XTZ will soon turn into big money that will help us in development.

Our donation address: tz1g5jJc6MWdmmUXdp5eb1KTj8TTU5U74cry

Our donation address & QR-code

Also, you can always find our address by clicking the Donate button in the Settings menu.


In the Tezos ecosystem, we like the way the community lives, as well as the close collaboration of developers. We are glad to cooperate with Tezos-Nodes rating, explorers TzKt, TezosID, Mininax, Tezblock and Galleon Wallet.

We also express our gratitude to all delegates who installed our button on their sites https://tzsnt.fr/button!

If you want to become our partner, please contact us using the Feedback button in our Telegram bot.

Our plans

We have a huge number of tasks in the backlog, but we cannot share all our plans with you. At least we plan to:

  • create another notification channels;
  • optimize and make the work of our bot faster;
  • develop our Twitter bot https://twitter.com/NotifierTezos;
  • …and develop many more new event notifications…


We would like to thank Tezos Foundation for funding the development of our bot and caring for the community. We also thank:

  • every member of the community who recommends our bot;
  • and separately delegates who recommend our bot to their delegators.

Thank you for being with us and supporting us!

Best regards, Tezos Notifier Team

Tezos Notifier Bot notifies users about transactions and other events in the Tezos blockchain. Links: https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot, http://tzsnt.fr/