TezosNotifier October’21 release notes

Hey there :)

Here we will tell you about our new release, but first of all we want to share the statistics of our TezosNotifierBot:

  • more than 5100 active users. Since the beginning of the year, our user base has grown by more than 100%!
  • more than 7300 addresses in monitoring;
  • now we are sending more than 3,000,000 notifications per month to our users! So it is 1 notification every second!

And now we will tell you about the new major release https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot!


New cool feature that was asked by Tezos Community — ability to add bot to the chat or channel.

For example, delegate can add the bot to it’s own Telegram chat to post here notifications on it’s performance and payouts.
Or some regular Tezos-related channel can add our bot to post notifications on whale transactions, protocol updates, software releases and etc.

It’s really easy to add and manage the bot in the channel or in the chat, but we will write separate post with the instructions. Stay tuned or try by yourself :)

Delegate’s free space monitoring

We can predict that soon the delegate will run out of free space and needs to add more funds to it’s account. Simple, but important thing that was asked by guys from the Community.

Delegate need’s to top-up the balance

Of course you can manage this notification in the Address settings.

Powered by AI

Our new killer-feature :D

Now all the incoming requests to our support will be answered by AI. We need to train this AI a lot, but now it already knows some info about Tezos, wallets, etc.

AI knows about Tezos :)

Cool, yeah?) Of course, the AI can fail sometimes, but in any situation our development team will help and retrain the AI.

Explorer inside

We don’t want you to leave our bot :) And now you don’t need to. Because we’ve added the list of transactions to Address information.

The way to find transactions list

Medium to Twitter

Check this out: https://twitter.com/NotifierTezos/status/1454100840994717706 — now links to all Medium posts with cycle stats will be automatically posted to Twitter. Cool!

Example Twitter post

Small features

And there we have some things to share :)

First of all, we’ve imroved our “inactive delegate” notification. Now we are taking into account the activity of delegate and all related addresses like payout addresses.

This will be more relevant :)

New Setting menu for your convenience!

The menu was fully redesigned — totally new structure!

Something else?

Sure! In addition to these features, we have done a lot of work:

  • made huge amount of fixes related to updates to the Tezos protocol;
  • many infrastructure works that make our bot more stable;
  • bug-fixes based on our user’s bug-reports;
  • … and other minor improvements.

Thanks to our users and Tezos Foundation for their support!



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Tezos Notifier Bot

Tezos Notifier Bot


Tezos Notifier Bot notifies users about transactions and other events in the Tezos blockchain. Links: https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot, http://tzsnt.fr/