TezosNotifierBot great mid-July release

As you can see, we make major releases, although this does not happen often. This time, for a start, we want to share the statistics of our TezosNotifierBot:

  • more than 3300 active users. Since the beginning of the year, our user base has grown by more than 50%!
  • about 4500 addresses in monitoring. That is, on average, users monitor 1–2 addresses — as a rule, this is their personal address and the address of the delegate.
  • in June we sent 1,135,420 notifications to our users! That’s almost 30 notifications per minute!

And now we will tell you about the new major release https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot!

Delegate can now communicate with delegators

After the baker is verified, a special button will appear in the address menu to send a message to delegators.

Please use this feature carefully so that only the most important information is communicated to your delegates.

Medium integration — new bot

Each cycle our bot will post a message to https://tezosnotifier.medium.com/ with the following information:

  • General cycle stats — general cycle statistics, the time during which the previous cycle was completed and the approximate date of the end of the new cycle;
  • Transaction stats — how many transactions were sent in a cycle;
  • Market data — market statistics: XTZ rate, trading volumes, and so on;
  • Whale transactions — information about the largest transactions in the cycle;
  • Governance — information about current voting processes.

Hopefully this auto-generated content will help Tezos become more popular.

Smart whale notifications

  • sending large amounts of XTZ through internal calls to smart contracts;
  • sending large amounts of small transactions — now if someone wants to avoid the attention of our bot, he will not succeed :) For example, now you will receive notifications about the outflow of funds from exchanges — this is useful info!

As usual, you can change the trigger threshold or disable whale alerts in the Settings menu.

Extended address information

  • for the delegate, you can go to the tezos-nodes.com rating or to the tzkt.io explorer, which provides the most extensive information about the addresses;
  • for the delegator, you can open your address on the Baking Bad auditor’s website to check the correctness of receiving the awards and much more.

New notifications at the beginning of the cycle

  • Inactive delegate notification. Now, if a delegate is inactive for more than 30 days, its delegators will be notified that it is time to check their delegate;
  • Notice of assigned baking and endorsing rights in a new cycle.

Of course, you can manage all these notifications in the address settings in the My addresses menu.

And we also improved the notification about the end of the cycle — now it displays information about the time it took to complete the previous cycle, as well as the estimated date of the end of the new cycle.

Setting the USD / EUR rate

Something else?

  • many infrastructure works that make our bot more stable;
  • periodically our users reported bugs that we fixed :)
  • made several fixes related to updates to the Tezos protocol;
  • … and other minor improvements.

Thanks to our users and the Tezos Foundation for their support!

Tezos Notifier Bot notifies users about transactions and other events in the Tezos blockchain. Links: https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot, http://tzsnt.fr/