TezosNotifierBot: great release after great work

TezosNotifier Telegram bot: https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot

As we wrote earlier, we have not disappeared anywhere. It’s just that we did a really great job — a huge number of improvements to our bot that need to be released in one big release. In this article we will tell you what has changed.

The Team

Firstly, our team was replenished with a new member — Emerido will help us with the improvements of our bot. We are very happy about this, as the experience of Emerido has already helped us a lot. This will allow us to develop faster in the future.

Thus, the team now has 3 members: Maxim “KeepCold”, Alexey “Emerido” and Evgeny “Tonoff”.

Infrastructure improvements

The most important thing. Why we were silent for so long.

We have completely updated our infrastructure and made a lot of improvements to the bot. You can already feel this, since the bot began to work very quickly: see how quickly the list of addresses is displayed by the My Addresses button in https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot, or how quickly messages about the end of the cycle are sent. This is a great job!

What exactly was done:

  • CI/CD: Implemented an automated pipeline for building, testing and delivering updates to our servers;

We understand that our “new” approaches may look a little strange, but before that we had really outdated approaches to development.

So you are now using TezosNotifier v.2, a completely redesigned and improved version of the original bot.

Gitlab monitoring

Also for the baking community, we are releasing Tezos gitlab monitoring — https://gitlab.com/tezos/tezos/-/releases. Now you will be the first to know about software releases!

Gitlab release monitoring

You can manage this new type of notification in the Settings menu. We have enabled this notification for everyone who subscribes to delegate addresses and who monitors votings in our bot.

The gift

Finally… On the eve of the new year, we are releasing a cool feature — this is a gift for our friends from Bake’n’Rolls (they are one of the most active users of our bot), as well as for the entire baking community. Look at this message in the address list. Don’t you notice anything new?

Own emoji for Bake’n’Rolls

Yes, these are custom emoji for delegate addresses! Guys, we know how you want to stand out and now you have one more opportunity. Write to us in the bot https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot using the Feedback function with your favorite emoji and we will set it for free in the bot for your addresses!

Let’s agree:

  • let’s not use obscene or offensive (?!) emojis;

Other features

As we wrote in the previous article, during the infrastructure work, we added two useful features:

  • added integration with tzkt.io to get names of public addresses. Now whale alerts will be more understandable, since the guys from Baking Bad maintain the most actual list of public addresses. Also, do not forget that there is a search in the address registry using the New Address button.
1…2…3 to find any public address
  • greatly accelerated the work of the bot.


Now we want to watch a little about the stability of the new release and will gradually add new features.

Of course, we rarely reveal our plans. But rest assured, we have a lot of ideas that you will love.

And, as always, we are ready to make new features at the request of the community. Therefore, write to us through the bot using the Feedback function and we will definitely consider your suggestions.

Donate XTZ to support us: tz1g5jJc6MWdmmUXdp5eb1KTj8TTU5U74cry

Tezos Notifier Bot notifies users about transactions and other events in the Tezos blockchain. Links: https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot, http://tzsnt.fr/