Hello Tezos community!

Many of you have noticed that we haven’t released new updates for a long time. The reason is simple — we are migrating the bot to a new infrastructure and are doing a lot of code optimization work. In short, we clean up all the sh*t that we have done in a couple of years of the bot’s existence.

We have big plans for 2021. We want users to enjoy working with our bot, we want to make many new features, and for this we first need to prepare the base.

So that you don’t miss the updates, we made one seemingly small update, behind which there is a lot of work:

  • added integration with tzkt.io to get names of public addresses;
  • greatly accelerated the work of the bot. Check out how quickly the list of addresses https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot is now being formed. And soon the bot will be even faster;
    fixed several bugs.

There will be many cool announcements coming soon. We ourselves are tired of this monotonous work)

Tezos Notifier Bot notifies users about transactions and other events in the Tezos blockchain. Links: https://t.me/TezosNotifierBot, http://tzsnt.fr/